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People Movers

EVS control systems are used on all types of electric people movers, from mining locomotives taking workers to the workface, to electric trains operating in theme parks.

EVS have utilised their knowledge and experience in many electric train installations and electric trains more noticeably for the leisure sector/industry. DC-DC converters are usually provided for air-conditioning units, fans or sensors, which are usually a lower voltage than that of the overall system.

Product Movers

The ultimate in quality and product reliability is demanded by the user of product movers and transfer bogies.

Safety is the watchword with EVS designed and built Systems fitted to numerous underground vehicles, which may be used for materials handling or personnel transportation.

Equipment is manufactured and tested at our Washington factory to standards specified by the receiving industry and continuously improved upon by up-to-date research and development techniques. Equipment is custom built using various basic raw materials to meet the environment and customer specification. Extensive manuals and test equipment back up EVS products, which make the company one of the leading electric vehicle component manufacturers worldwide.

Product movers are often operated via a remote control system, rather than ride on or pendant control, enabling the operator all round visibility when operating a particular machine.

Road Vehicles

EVS control systems operate on all types of road vehicle from the popular milk float to the new breed of high technology delivery and service vehicles.

Both the AC and DC motor controller are suitable for this application.

Continuously improving its products, the EVS range of battery discharge indicators and DC/DC converters are proving extremely popular on this type of vehicle, enabling the operator to obtain maximum utilisation of his vehicle before returning to base to recharge the batteries.

EVS battery chargers, battery care products and a full repair facility take complete care of the battery, returning it to full charge with the minimum of effort during the vehicle rest period.

Tow tractors

Tow tractors are in use throughout industry for the conveyance of a vast range of materials in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments. EVS offer a range of control equipment with features specifically designed for this type of vehicle such us over-speed protection, rheostatic or regenerative braking, continuous and monitoring.

These systems along with charging equipment either inboard or freestanding enable the maximum utilisation of the available battery power. DC to DC converters are used extensively to provide a low voltage supply for ancillary equipment including lights and windscreen wipers. Cab heaters on this type of vehicle ensure driver comfort in all types of environments.

Electric Boats

Extensive experience has been gained by EVS engineers over the past years in the use of electric propulsion on various vessels ranging from small canal narrow boats and similar pleasure craft to sea-going submarines as used in oil rig maintenance etc.

A range of control equipment, battery chargers, DC to DC and DC to AC converters and monitoring devices enable EVS to offer the boat builder a complete system design and installation facility satisfying all aspects of the safety council for marine craft.

Forklift Trucks

Supplying a range of thyristor and transistor control equipment for lift trucks both new and second-hand, Electric Vehicle Systems specialise in custom building systems involving EVS products and other well-known brand products to meet the special requirements of individual customers, thereby providing systems of high reliability and quality, which retain vehicle downtime to a minimum.

The equipment incorporates many safety features and is easily serviced using the appropriate software provided with each system. Constructed to facilitate the ease of installation, setting up and replacement, EVS have combined with Sevcon to provide systems of high resilience and durability able to operate over a wide range of environmental conditions and to suit different types of motors fitted to individual trucks.

To enable owners of Electric Fork Lift trucks or any type of electric vehicle using outdated motor control systems, EVS can supply a complete retrofit kit to enable the vehicle to be brought up to the latest state of the art control and thereby increase overall efficiency without incurring a large capital investment in new vehicles.

Access Platforms

The expanding market in the sale and hire of access working platforms has seen EVS using its proven knowledge of control systems, special battery charging expertise and a wide experience of proven accessories emerge as the leading supplier of electronic equipment into this growing market place.

Environmentally protected multi-voltage battery chargers have been developed to satisfy the most arduous of applications, while our motor and wheel unit has been specified by a host of leading manufacturers to give flexibility of design and usage. Specially developed units ensure that the operator and fellow workers enjoy a high level of safety while using this type of equipment to its full advantage.

Replacement hydraulic pump motors are available for all types of access platform.