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Electric Vehicle Systems Ltd offer a full range of vehicle electrics including traction batteries, electric motors, speed controllers, battery chargers, contactors, drive wheels, DC to DC convertors, hydraulic pump motors and many other vehicle accessories.

EVS is a leading worldwide provider of electronic systems for all types of electric vehicles including electric passenger transport vehicles, transfer bogies, airport ground support equipment, tow tractors, electric trains, electric trams and forklifts.

EVS specialises in Low Voltage, 12V to 128V applications, simply tell what you want to move, how fast you want to move it and we will specify, design, supply and install a complete drive system tailor made to individual requirements.

EVS’s systems are in operation around the globe and have been used in applications as diverse as steel mills, bridge gantries, nuclear power plants, electric cars, boats, trains and trams. Our systems are also used extensively in theme parks and access platforms .

EVS’s offers both DC and AC drives for motors ranging from 100 Watts to 60 Kwatts. Our speed controllers use the latest Mosfet switching technology and we offer custom software to meet individual needs.

EVS’s systems are used on all types of battery powered vehicles from small pedestrian controlled machines to transfer bogies moving loads in excess of 100 Tonnes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and one of our helpful team of experienced engineers will be happy to assist.