Micropak SEM

DC SEM Motor Controllers

Utilizing the same innovative design techniques as the Powerpakâ„¢ the Micropakâ„¢ range offers an ultra compact solution specifically for use on low voltage, low power applications.

The Micropakâ„¢ is designed for use with separately excited motors where the need for traction related contactors (forward / reverse, regeneration and field weakening)is eliminated.


Separately Excited Motors (SEM)

SEM offers a contactor-free solution to regenerative braking and field weakening, with improved efficiency. The Micropakâ„¢ offers improved speed control without added sensors. Micropakâ„¢ can either be used in single or twin motor systems, where it can be configured as master or a slave.

Enhanced Reliability and Performance

Sevcon's patented switching design delivers peak dependability and performance as well as silent operation utilizing a 16 kHz high switching frequency.

CAN Communications

The Micropakâ„¢ controllers use the Sevcon Controller Area Network (CAN) serial bus. This allows multiple controllers to effectively communicate within the vehicle system to increase safety and reliability with the minimum of wiring.

FLASH Memory for Flexibility

Application programs are stored in FLASH memory allowing reprogramming in place for increased flexibility.

Rugged Endurance

Sealed-for-life design combined with rigorous testing ensures that Millipakâ„¢ controllers deliver unparalleled reliability.

Inputs and Outputs

Standard configurations of digital and analog inputs and outputs (I/O) are especially suitable for twin motor applications. Functions include throttle inputs, limit switch inputs, contactor drives, hour counters, and instru-mentation. This allows use as a stand-alone unit or to be integrated into a vehicle system.

Configuration and Service Tools

A PC with the Sevcon PCpakâ„¢ configuration system or a hand-held calibrator can be used to adjust parameters and reprogram the controller via the calibrator port.