Powerpak SEM

SEM Traction Controllers

The Powerpakâ„¢ SEM controllers offer a contact-free solution to regenerative braking and field weakening with improved efficiency. These controllers can be used in a single or twin motor systems. In a twin motor system they can be easily configured as master or slave.

These controllers are also available on a variety of standard pre-wired panels complete with contactors, etc.


Minimum Enclosure Requirements

The ultra compact design optimizes the power/size/cost relationship. The end result is a controller range that is capable of the same power output as conventional designs but utilizes up to 75% less space. This allows up to 80V 8.5kW capability from a footprint of only 142 x 142 x 103 mm. This makes it ideal for best replica watches compact installations and retrofit applications.

Silent Switching

Powerpakâ„¢ controllers use a Sevcon patented switching design which increases system performance and reliability. A high 16kHz switching frequency ensure silent operation.

FLASH Memory

Application programs are stored in FLASH memory on the logic unit so the controller can be reprogrammed in situ, increasing flexibility www.swissrolexrex.co.uk and commonality of system design.

Flexible Inputs and Outputs

All controllers offer various standard con-figurations of digital and analog Inputs and outputs suitable for a variety of applications. I/O functions can include throttle inputs, limit switch inputs, contactor drives, hour counters and instrumentation.

Improved Speed Control

The Powerpakâ„¢ SEM Controller offers a contact-free solution to regenerative braking and field weakening with improved efficiency. The controller uses comple-mentary switching techniques to improve speed control without the need for extra sensors and can be used in single or twin motor systems configured as master/slave.

Rugged Endurance

Powerpakâ„¢ products are put through a rigorous program of vibration, temperature and humidity testing that recreates the harshest extremes of applications and hence ensures the reliability and robustness of the designs.

CAN Communications

All Powerpakâ„¢ controllers use the Sevcon Controller Area Network (CAN) serial communications bus. This allows multiple controllers to effectively communicate within the vehicle system to increase safety and reliability with a minimum of wiring.