HF Battery Chargers

On-board Battery Chargers for 24 V

These high frequency battery chargers use an efficient 3-stage charge curve designed to efficiently charge a vehicle battery whatever the status of its residual charge. For curve please click here.

Connected permanently to the battery and motor speed controller, the unit allows “opportunity” charging while the machine is not in use. Driving may be inhibited when vehicle is on charge using the integral relay in series with the vehicle key switch.


Additional Features & Benefits

Longer Life

The charging method used contributes significantly towards longer battery life. The chargers also feature a hardware reverse

battery connection protection.

Charging Batteries with Low Terminal Voltage

Charging can be initiated with a terminal voltage as low as 0 VDC, allowing the charger to break through heavily sulfated batteries and initiate a charge cycle. The system is protected against true short circuit conditions via a built in timer function.

Compact Size

These charges have an unrivaled power-to-size ratio and offer designers greater freedom in the installation. Sevcon’s HF Chargeris a highly cost effective alternative to fixed or wall-mounted charges.